Weber Pelekat Jubin Debu Rendah Baru

Produk yang diperkatakan adalah Belcem Super Star (Low Dust) dan Belcem X'tra-Flex (Low Dust).


Weber have successfully launch its new low dust tile adhesive in July 2014 during the Weber Truck Road Show. The two new product are Belcem Super Star (Low Dust) and Belcem X’tra-Flex (Low Dust). The first truly low dust tile adhesive in Malaysia and this was made available through adopting the technology from Weber Spain. The introduction of low dust tile adhesive to the Malaysian consumer was in line with Weber philosophy of caring about people and also the environment. Weber Low dust adhesive is easy to use, provide healthy working condition thus eliminate eye irritation and skin allergy usually associated with after effect of continuous contacts with cement dust. Hence, Weber low dust tile adhesive will be on sale for a special price at your nearest dealers & local hardware shops. If you are interested please don’t hesitated to contact your local hardware or tile shop.