Memasang Mosaik Kaca ke Dinding Simen

Isu-isu dan pertanyaan umum yang boleh anda hadapi

Common issue of mosaic in swimming pool

Immersion in water required tiling material

In a pool water is almost certain to penetrate the grouted joints. Cementitious grouts are naturally porous and allow water seeping. Even when epoxy grout is used, it can not be guaranteed that all of the joints are perfectly filled. The consequence is that: The bond strength of the adhesive must not be affected by continuous immersion in water. The pool must have an efficient layer of under-tile waterproofing and durable tile adhesive

The affect of pool chemistry on tileĀ grout

Chemical added to the pool water tend to degrade cement-based grouts. This is minimized if they are maintained at the ideal levels but the choice of grout and its chemical resistance are important factors for the durability of the installation.


Swimming pools are the ultimate wet areas for tiling, which depends on size of pool and type of tile being used. Many factors such as water pressure, temperature changes, and chemicals added in the pool water have to be taken into consideration for choosing the materials used for tiling in the pool including waterproof product, tile adhesive and grout.

waterproofing on cement sand screed

    • brush bonding agent webermix SBR onto concrete shell wall and floor slab before applying cement sand screed to enhance bonding 
    • add webermix multibond to cement sand screed mixing to increase durability 
    • For translucent glass mosaic we recommended to choose white color cementitious tile adhesive weberset CTF white 
    • recommended weberset super star class C1 premium tile adhesive for other tiles or non translucent background mosaic
    • Add latex admixture webermix admix I for 

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