Memasang Jubin Saiz Besar ke Dinding Ketul Konkrik

Masalah biasa yang terlibat apabila memasang jubin porselin saiz besar pada tapak kerja. Penyelesaian menerangkan & menunjukkan cara pemasangan yang betul apabila memasang jubin dalam keadaan ini.

Isu-isu dan pertanyaan umum yang boleh anda hadapi

weber, porcelain tile, large format tile

Temperature and ambient humidity

Due to changes in temperature and relative humidity, when the floor expands and shrinks, large format porcelain tile produced from a different material also changes in different ratios. 
This may be due to the following reasons:

  • The tile adhesive layer, which is the application surface, can be reduced in volume during the setting process.
  • Expansion may occur in hot climatic conditions.
  • Extensive contact with water may result in moisture-related expansion.

Porcelain tile, weber, tile adhesive

Floor movement caused tension on large format tile

When a dimensional deviation occurs on a non-rigid surface, the rigid coating material will not deviate in the same way.  The difference that the Porcelain tile  will attempt to close for a certain amount of dimensional deviation on the surface will be greater in Porcelain tile materials. As such a condition will cause higher stress, the adhesive must have a more elastic structure to prevent problems with such large format Porcelain tile.

Surfaces with very limited mobility

Surfaces with limited mobility

Produk yang diperlukan untuk penyelesaian ini

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