Weber Malaysia Launches New Porcelain Tile Adhesive - weberset easy fix 101

Malaysia leading Tile Fixing Solution manufacturer Saint-Gobain Weber (M) Sdn Bhd in its continuous pursuit to meet market requirements and as part of its effort to drive innovation launches a new Class C2 Porcelain Tile Adhesive in October 2018. weberset easy fix 101 is an easy to use improved cement-based Tile Adhesive specially designed for installation of low water absorption tiles or natural stone slabs to internal wall and floor areas.


weberset easy fix 101, requires mixing with clean water only. It therefore epitomizes the term User-Friendly … a continuous effort by Weber to deliver and fulfill the needs of the applicator; and at the same time maintaining a high level of technical performance in compliant to relevant international standards


For more details on its application, usage, technical data, product training or technical seminar please contact our dedicated Technical Team at +03 6038 9084, e-mail