weberdry WPC coating

dry wall, waterproofing coating, Gypsum board, Gyproc

waterproof tanking system comprising of; webertec WPC coating is a light blue, readymixed coating, based on Styrene Butadiene Polymer which sets to form a durable waterproof or vapour proof film; weberdry WPC primer, a water-based primer for preparation of substrate prior to application of coating & weberdry WPC matting a fiberglass

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Features and benefits

  • Provide a durable,flexible,seamless waterproofing tanking system
  • Suitable for application & provides good adhesion to substrates
  • Provides waterproofing system where Ceramic Tiles etc, can be fixed directly, using Belle's range adhesive
  • User friendly, less time consuming and cleaner


  • Cement- Sand or Polyurethane Sealant “Angle Fillet” can be incorporated at internal corners between wall and wall or wall and floor to relieve waterproof coating of stress in the event of movement.
  • Concrete substrate must be aged two and three weeks respectively ; before application of waterproofing
  • Building boards must be well braced to ensure soundness, screw fix (do not nail) to steel / metal frame work at 300 mm centers horizontally and vertically. Use exterior or water resistant grade building boards
  • It is the responsibility of users / applicators to determine condition and suitability of all surfaces; prior to actual application

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