Tiling of Low Water Absorption Homogenous Tile onto Rendered Wall

Porcelain and Homogenous tile have less then 0.5% of water absorption which need higher bonding strength of two in one component tile adhesive or tile adhesive mix with latex admixture application.

Common issues and queries you can face

render wall, wall preparation

Render preparation

  • Render are only let to cure for just 2-3 days only.
  • Tiling onto substrate that is not fully cured is tiling onto unstable substrate with potential movement

traditional mortar mixing method, porcelain tile

Traditional Tile Fixing System

  • Use of neat cement or pure OPC cement only when fixing ceramic tile.
  • The traditional specification allows the use of cement sand mix.
  • The local application practices is to use just neat OPC cement
  • Using OPC Cement will expose the installation with high Shrinkage factor.
  • Use of neat cement or pure OPC cement only when fixing low water absorption tile.
  • Using neat OPC Cement will result in a very low mechanical bonding effect onto the low water absorption tile surface.

Tile Microscopic

  • The porcelain tile has less microscopic pores for better water absorption.
  • Less microscopic pores will not allow for a good penetration of the cement fibre to give a good mechanical bonding effect.

Cement Hydration Process

  • Cement sand mixture will only expose the tile to a bonding process that is called a hydration process.
  • The hydration process is the chemical process when cement is mixed with water.
  • The Chemical reaction will result in the development of cementitious fiber that will interlocked between each other and penetrate into the surface tile's body or substrate giving a bonding effect that call mechanical bond.

water absorption, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, homogeneous tile

Different water absorption tile

  • To determine the water absorption level of the tile, dropped some water onto the tile back.
  • High water absorption tile absorb the water & leaves a water mark at the tile back.
  • The water will run off onto the tile back when dropped.
  • The water will not be absorp into the tile body & you will not see any water mark on the tile surface.

tile thermal movement, debonding

Tile thermal movement

  • For homogeneous / low water absorption tile, they have a higher thermal movement within the tile than other type of tile.
  • Tile adhesive that is deformable is the most suitable type of tile adhesive.