Tiling of Ceramic Wall Tile onto Rendered Wall

Common problem involved when fixing ceramic wall tiles at jobsite. The solution explains & shows the correct practice & application method when fixing tiles in this situation.

Common issues and queries you can face

Substrate Preparation

Render are only let to cure for just 2-3 days only. Tiling onto substrate that is not fully cured is tiling onto unstable substrate with potential movement

Fixing material

Use of neat cement or pure OPC cement only when fixing ceramic tile. The traditional specification allows the use of cement sand mix The local aplication practices is to use just neat OPC cement Using OPC Cement will expose the installation with high Shrinkage factor.

Shrinkage problem


Use of neat cement or pure OPC cement exposed the installation with high Shrinkage factor . The high shrinkage factor will have effect such as tile crazing.

Application method

Poor chemical property & workability of the cement mix, only allow the application of buttering system. Buttering system is slow in productivity & expose the installation with void areas

Tile preparation method

Need to soak tile in water for at least 24 hours when fixing using neat cement The tile will sometimes soaked in dirty water & together with the tile boxes. This will cause problems such as color shading of the tile