Tiling of Ceramic Floor Tile onto Screeded Floor

Common problem involved when fixing ceramic floor tiles at jobsite. The solution explains & shows the correct practice & application method when fixing tiles in this situation.

Common issues and queries you can face

problem_screed preparation

Floor screed preparation

Screed are only let to cure for just 2-3 days only. Tiling onto screed that is not fully cured is tiling onto unstable screed with potential movement

Shrinkage problem

Tile shrinkage

Use of neat cement or pure OPC cement exposed the installation with high Shrinkage factor . The high shrinkage factor will have effect such as tile crazing, hairline crack, etc. 


weber recommended use correct type of tile adhesive, follow method statement as provided from weber for application

Surface preparation

  • surface preparation, tile fixing, waterproofing
    • Screeds should be firm enough to walk on, usually at least 3 days after application, before tiling can be started.

      Concrete should be at least 7 days old.

      All substrates to be tiled must be clean, free from all contaminants and surface dry.

      Particular care should be taken that movement joints are adequately specified

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