weberprim super seal

Product formerly named: BELCEM SUPER SEAL
gloss and matt finish, natural stone

acrylic-resin, clear (transparent) or cloudy (hazy) liquid, solvent-based, sealer which sets to create a hard wearing, water-resistant film that enhances the natural colours of treated materials. weberprim super seal is available in GLOSS to provide a glossy finish or MATT to provide a matt-gloss (satin matt) finish.

1, 5, 20 Ltr / Steel drum

Documentation and brochures

To know before applying

  • Stir weberprim super seal well, before use. This is particularly important when using weberprim super seal (matt). No further dilution is required.
  • Surfaces to be treated with weberprim super seal must be dry, sound and free of contamination eg. grease, oil, dust, laitance etc.
  • Apply weberprim super seal evenly with a brush or roller. Ensure that thin even coats are applied; rather than thick or lumpy coats.
  • Usually weberprim super seal can be applied as a single coat treatment. However, certain materials may require two (2) coats of sealing for better result.
  • Should a Second Coat is required, allow First Coat to Touch Dry usually within 2 - 4 hours (will vary dependant on weather & porosity of materials); before applying the Second Coat in similar manner.
  • The Second Coat must be applied wet on wet; before First Coat dries out or fully cure.
  • The level of gloss or matt-gloss achieved may vary depending on nature of materials (ie. porosity, surface texture etc.) to be treated and number of treatment coats applied.
  • Preliminary testing on small trial areas is important to determine coverage and compatibility of weberprim super seal with the materials to be treated.
  • Do not apply on damp or wet surfaces. Avoid application during wet weather conditions & onto materials that are extremely hot. weberprim super seal applied on damp or wet surfaces are likely to
    flake, peel or whitened in time.
  • Allow to cure 24 hours (preferably longer) before subjected to light traffic.

Consumption is not availble, please have a look at the PDF documentation

Features and benefits

  • Provide high water resistant properties
  • Enhance surface with gloss finish
  • suitable for wet or dry, interior & exterior areas
  • Application for top surface only.
  • Approximately 4-5 ltr per 100m² when applied onto a moderate water absorption surface


  • weberprim super seal is solvent-based; therefore always apply in areas with good cross ventilation. If it is flammable; therefore avoid contact with open fire or sources of ignition during application.

  • weberprim super seal (matt) is not suitable for cement-based substrate and also rough surface or porous substrates, such as terracotta tile, quarry tile, pebble wash, veneer slice brick, facing brick etc., as the matting agent tends to accumulate inside the pores. When it has dried, it may result in a whitish appearance. Therefore always try out its compatibility, prior to actual application.

  • It is the responsibility of users / applicators to determine condition and suitability of all surfaces; prior to actual application