webermix multibond

Product formerly named: BELLE MULTI-BOND
latex admixture, cement-sand render

ready to use, multi-function, synthetic latex admixture, suitable for a variety of building applications.


4, 25 Ltr / Drum

Documentation and brochures

To know before applying

(a) Additive for Cement-Sand Renders & Screeds
Cement-Sand Mortar (for rendering / screeding) can be mixed
with webermix multibond to replace or partially replace
gauging water. Mortars fortified with webermix multibond
have improved adhesion strength, cohesive strength, flexural
strength, abrasion resistant, frost resistant, durability, reduced
water permeability, reduced drying shrinkage, reduced surface dusting, minimizes efflorescence, improved workability etc.
Mixing procedure is similar to that of traditional mortar, except
for the partial or total replacement of gauging water with
webermix multibond. A standard mix of 50kg Portland Cement
to 150 - 200 kg Sand (1 : 3 - 4) will require approx. 12 ltrs of
webermix multibond (a little addition of water may be required to adjust working consistency).
Do not incorporate workability aids such as lime or mortar
plasticiser; as webermix multibond has a considerable
plasticising action of it’s own. When applying render/screed, ensure that the background is dry, sound & free of contamination ie. dust, grease, laitance etc.
Note : It may be necessary to dampen porous surface to control water absorption before applying rendering / screeding mortar.
(b) Patch Repair of Cracked Concrete Saw cut along cracks to create a ‘V’ shape groove of sufficient depth. Clean joints of contaminations. Apply a layer of Bonding Agent, followed by immediate patching with a 1 : 3 - 4 cement-sand mortar modified with webermix multibond. The addition of webermix multibond enables “feather edging” of patching mortar. (c) Steel / Metal Protection Mix 1 part webermix multibond with 1.5 part Portland Cement by volume (similar to Slurry Bond Coat). Brush apply over steel bars, metal plate etc. to prevent rusting. (d) Other Usages • Additive for Bricklaying & Pointing Mortar. • Additive for Tile Bedding / Grouting Mortar (Buttering only).

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Features and benefits

  • Reduce water to cement ratio for
  • improved cohesive strength
  • Reduced hydraulic shrinkage to


  • Mix Proportion : Additive for Cement-Sand Mortar = For every 50 kg cement mix (+ 150 - 200 kg moist sand) add 12 ltr webermix multibond by volume ~ [ Ratio = 1 : 3 : 0.5]
  • Pot life : Approx. 1 hour at 25°C
  • Application temperature : Above 8°C - 50°C
  • Shelf Life : 6 month