webermix GT mix I

color cement, grout latex admixture

ready to use, Water-Based Emulsion Polymer, specially formulated for use with weber’s range of Cement-Based Coloured Grout (ie. weberfill fine grout, weberfill F&W grout & weberfloor flooring grout).

4, 25 Ltr

Documentation and brochures

To know before applying

  • As some solid matter in webermix GT mix I may settle during storage, it is essential to stir well before use in temperature lower than 4°C

  • Allow adhesive bed to set, usually 24 – 48 hours before grouting commences. Joints must be dry and free of contaminants ie. Loose particles, dust, laitance etc

  • webermix GT mix I is ready to use; therefore does not require further addition of water

  • Cement-based grout modified with webermix GT mix I, should be applied in the normal approved procedure (similar as when mixed with water only)

  • Apply grout to small areas at a time & completely fill the joints with a rubber squeegee or grout float

  • The working time (pot life) of grout modified with webermix GT mix I may be reduced slightly. The drying time may also be shorter, particularly where higher concentration of admixture is used.

  • The finish colour shade of cement-based grout mix with water may not be similar compared to those mixed with webermix GT mix I.

  • For uniform colour, ensure that the same mix proportions is used throughout the installation

Consumption is not availble, please have a look at the PDF documentation

Features and benefits

  • For use at dry or wet areas, internal or external areas including areas 
    under immersion of water (swimming pool, water tank etc.)
  • Increased Durability
  • Reduced Water Permeability
  • Imparts Flexibility
  • Greater Adhesion
    Minimize Growth of Fungus & Algae


  • Colour pigments in coloured grout may stain or discolor certain tiles or natural stone slabs; therefore a trial should be conducted to determine ease of cleaning and compatibility