E.MIX ALC Thin Mortar

Joint Mortar, AAC, ALC, ALC Adhesive, AAC Adhesive

Cement-based fire rated premixed mortar for thin jointing of AAC Blocks  ( Aerated Autoclaved Concrete)

40KG / Bag

Documentation and brochures

To know before applying

Substrate preparation :

  • Remove dust, loose particles, grease and traces of foreign materials that may affect adhesion

Mixing & Installation

  • 14.4 Ltr of clean water mix with one bag (40kg) E.MIX ALC Thin Mortar
  • Allow mixture to stand for 10 minutes for additives to dissolve.
  • Ensure joint of ALC blocks are fully covered with the thin mortar by notched trowel. 
  • Upon apply of ALC Blocks, immediately remove excess thin mortar.
  • allow to be set for 24 to 48 hours to achieve its initial bond strength

Consumption is not availble, please have a look at the PDF documentation

Features and benefits

  • Fire resistance of over 260 minutes at 1,300 °C
  • Thin layer application
  • no on site mix


  • Coat thickness : 1-2mm per coat
  • Pot life : Approx. 30 minutes
  • Natural air dry is enough for E.MIX ALC Thin Mortar, water mist is not required for interior area. However, water mist is required exterior area or extremely hot or dry condition
  • Recommend to wear NIOSH approved or equivalent face mask when mixing procedures
  • Material contains cement, which may produce an allergic effect
  • Material may cause irritation to eyes and skin. If contact with eyes and skin rinse immediately with water and seek medical assistance.