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saint-gobain weber chinese new year lunch 2019

Saint-Gobain Weber Malaysia Chinese New Year Gathering

Saint-Gobain Weber Malaysia Chinese New Year Gathering

weber shrinkage compensated grout

Weber Malaysia launches new shrinkage compensated grout

Flowable, chloride free on-shrink grout for building application

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How to Design for Optimal Thermal Comfort (And Why it Matters)

Have you ever found yourself losing a good night’s sleep due to an overly warm room? Or wearing four jackets and a scarf just to tolerate your office’s frigid air conditioning? Truth be told, you can…

Basic Principles of Acoustics: Why Architects Shouldn’t Leave It All To Consultants

More than half the world’s population lives in dense urban areas. Uncomfortably loud restaurants, stores, hotels, or offices are enough to keep patrons away. When planning a meeting or even a night…

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