weberprim pro seal I

Product formerly named: BELCEM PRO-SEAL
natural stone, oil and water repellent

1, 5, 20 Ltr / Steel drum

specially formulated for application onto Natural Stones (ie. marbles, granites, slates, sandstones, limestones,
quartzite etc.), Porcelain Tiles, Quarry Tiles, Terracotta, Terrazzo, Facing Bricks, Veneer Slice Bricks, Pebblewash, Concrete Pavers, Cementitious Substrate etc. Suitable for use at wall or floor, dry or wet and both internal or external areas.

Suitable for use on Top Surface (polished, honed, flamed or sand blasted), Underside & Edges (4 Sides) of Natural Stone Slabs etc. It provides water and oil repellency properties to surfaces of treated materials for protection against staining (by water or oil) & for easier maintenance.