weberfloor color cement

Product formerly named: BELCEM COLOR CEMENT
flooring, color cement

Pre-mixed, ready-to-use product designed to be used as a Dry Mix (Dry Shake), over freshly floated concrete & cement-sand screed.

25 KG / Bag

Documentation and brochures

To know before applying

  • Substrate must be hard and free from surface contamination
  • The screed should be at least 25 mm thick. The cement to sand ratio of screed mix should ideally not exceed 1 : 3 - 4; to control drying shrinkage. The screed mix should not contain salt water or salt contaminated aggregates.
  • Colour Cement is best applied in two application. Apply at a rate of approx. 3 kg / m². For first application (First Coat) 2/3 of the Colour Cement should be applied & floated to work it into the screed / concrete surface. The remaining 1/3 is applied during second application and subsequently floated.
  • Once the Colour Cement had absorbed sufficient moisture (once the Colour Cement colour had darkened) with a wooden hand float or power float, float the Colour Cement evenly & consistently.
  • As floating of the first coat of Colour Cement proceeds, follow immediately from behind with the second coat so it can absorb the moisture through the first coat of Colour Cement before it evaporates.
  • Allow colour cement topping to cure for 48 hours under cover of materials such as plastic sheet. It can only be subjected to light traffic after 3 days (preferably longer).

(refer to our Technical data sheet & Method statement for procedures in detail)

Consumption is not availble, please have a look at the PDF documentation

Features and benefits

  • work as a topping coat, enhances the aesthetical appearances of plain concrete / screed surface
  • Reduced Dusting : Minimizes surface dusting; therefore eases maintenance & preservation of substrate. Subject to skill of applicator.
  • Intense Colour : Offers an economy means to provide plain concrete or screed with a more intensely coloured surface.


Topping Thickness : Approx. 1 - 2 mm Rate of Application : Approx. 3 kg / m²(2 coats)  Initial Setting Time : 2 hours Setting Time : 24 - 48 hours Application Temperature : 5˚C - 45˚C
Recommended to wear NIOSH approved or equivalent face mash when mixing the material