E.MIX Primer

Primer, floor primer

Polymer dispersion specially made for priming of substrates prior to application of E.MIX series self-levelling and floors screed series products.

20 Ltr / Drum

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To know before applying

  • Surface of substrate must be hard, sound and free from contamination
  • wear or soft substrates subjected to movement under imposed load must be removed
  • Apply E.MIX Primer by soft brush or primer pump.
  • E.MIX Primer diluted with clean water at ratio of 1:5 for first coat and 1:3 for second coat.

(refer to our Technical data sheet & Method statement for procedures in detail)

Consumption is not availble, please have a look at the PDF documentation

Features and benefits

  • Maximize penetration into the substrate to prevent air bubbles from the substrate diffuse into the self-levelling screed
  • Increase the adhesive strength of the self-levelling screed to the substrate 
  • Excellent wet and dry adhesion to the substrate


Coverage : Approx. 0.2 - 0.3 litre/m² for 2 coats
Minimum application temperature : 10°C Drying time : 2 - 4 hour Application humidity : below 70% Theoretical consumption : Approx.  5m²/litre for 2 coats                 Approx. 66 - 100m²/20 litre for 2 coats
Recommended to wear NIOSH approved or equivalent face mash when apply the material

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