water tightness of external walls is usually achieved by using suitable materials, providing adequate wall thickness, designing proper construction details, as well as providing surface rendering and skim coat which serve as barrier against water ingress. Where external walls are exposed to severe weather conditions, more extensive surface waterproofing should be apply.

Different type of external floor required different material to install, which able to stand on extreme temperature, humidity, and rain in Malaysia. although the technical aspects are fundamental, we also have to find a floor that visually pleases us, such as Granite for terrance, homogeneous tile for car porch, ceramic tile for balcony.  

Application for external wall and floor

  1. type of external wall applicatoin

    Type of external wall application

    in-situ reinforced concrete (RC) wall : cement-sand render

    precast concrete wall : cement-sand render

    masonry brick wall : cement-sand render

    lightweight block wall :  ALC adhesive and cement-sand render

  2. Type of external floor application

    Concrete floor : cement sand mortar

    Cement rendered floor : cement sand mortar and latex admixture

    Tile floor : cementitious tile adhesive with latex admixture

    Stone floor : cementitious tile adhesive with latex admixture