weberfill crystal grout

anti-fungus grout, bathroom, kitchen, balcony

1, 25 KG / Bag

Multi colored, hydrophobic water repellent, compressible  Anti fungus, Improved cement based grout

  • Contains non-harmful special chemicals to provide resistance against growth of fungus, algae, and mould on grout surface; therefore more hygienic.
  • Minimize or eliminate grout cracking problem.
  • Enhance compressibility, durability & abrasion resistant properties. More resistant to selected cleaning agents.
  • Can be mixed with water to thicker (creamy) or softer (fluid) paste; therefore suitable for filling wide & narrow joints.
  • High quality pigments & chemical additives to provide grout with intense colour, longer lasting colour compared to traditional coloured grout.
  • Designed to provide a smooth or flat surface. Eliminate cavities & pinholes.





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